Discover more about Montessori education today by sampling from these selected introductory resources.


Trevor Eissler, "Montessori Madness"

Daniel C. Petter-Lipstein, "Superwoman was Already Here!"

Dr Steven Hughes, University of Minnesota Medical School


John Snyder, “Apples vs. Oranges,”, posted February 12, 2011


Association Montessori Internationale


Dr. Angeline Lillard, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia and Montessori researcher, a project from the Montessori Administrators Association

National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

Montessori Observer, a website and blog

Montessori Congress


Trevor Eissler, Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education (2009)

Angeline Stoll Lillard, Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius (2008)

Paula Polk Lillard, Montessori Today: A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood (1996)